June 9, 2009

Maybe an anvil fell on her head?

Why did Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg put a stop to the Chrysler bankruptcy filing process, albeit a temporary one? It's out of line with Obama's plans, and Ginsberg is notoriously liberal. Maybe an anvil fell on her head.


Maybe there's a reason behind it. I can think of a couple of possible scenarios.

1) She's interested in justice and not liberal bias.

2) Democrats want the deal to fail but don't want the responsibility for crossing the UAW.

3) Democrats want the deal to pass but if it fails they want the to be able to dump the political fallout on the Republicans.

4) The pause is just to look good.

UPDATE: Looks like it's number 4. Arg. Apologies to Hugh Hewitt.

1 comment:

  1. Half the nation now indulges in judging by appearances. So the appearance of justice is enough.


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