June 8, 2009

What's with liberal timing???

Okay, the left hand really doesn't know what the lefter hand is doing. The President, already tripping over himself with the following items;
  • increasing CAFE standards and considering Cap & Trade while the auto industry is in the middle of a nose dive.
  • increasing spending while claiming to be working on reducing the deficit.
  • looking to 'manage' executive pay, car production, and appointing 15+ various czars while claiming to want to not run companies.

(just to name a few examples), has added to his list of tail-chasing policies by apparently being willing to sign on to an international flight surtax for climate change, at the same time the airline industry has announced that it's combined losses will skyrocket for a second straight year. The timing couldn't be more ridiculous.

If that's a joke, it's a good one gentlemen.

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