June 1, 2009

Global Cooling Prediction

New NASA data out is predicting the next Solar Cycle, Number 24 to be precise, will be have a low peak number of sunspots. Solar Cycles range from 9-14 years.

A low Solar Cycle means less solar winds which, as demonstrated, means less cosmic rays bombarding the earth. Solar winds prevent cosmic rays from reacting with water vapor. That reaction is believed to cause cloud formation. Since there will be more cosmic rays bombarding the earth, it means more cloud formation, which means a cooler earth. Ergo, global cooling.

If you notice the peaks during the years 1980 to 2000 , they are quite high and coincide with the high temperatures observed in the 1990's. Coincidence? Not likely. Just as the Maunder Minimum coincided with the Little Ice Age. Isn't that strange?

Hence my prediction, that through 2020, we will see a period of global cooling and get to witness Al Gore eat his words. Well....probably not, on the latter point, but if I'm right, he should.

Good news for skiers, bad news for the global warming Chicken Littles, and bad news for anyone who enjoys a warmer climate.

Of course, I'm no expert. But these guys are.


  1. The problem with these supercomputer models of global warming is the same as with the safety calculations of nuclear power stations: one fatal accident every one million years (which still, like in a lottery, can happen right NOW) but with an uncertainty of plus or minus TEN million years. Sound science all around.

  2. I hope they are right with Global cooling what a laugh it will be on Gore and all those dreamers


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