June 5, 2009

Catching up on some news items

I've been a bit light on the posting lately - I'm fighting off a bad cold and busy at the day job to boot. Unfortunately I've missed out on some of the news of the day items. I'll be getting back into my regular posting routine very soon, but here's some one line reactions to news events over the last week or so.

Obama's speech in Egypt - yeah, so? Okay, it deserves a bit more. No surprises, but let's wait and see how this plays out in 6-12 months. Then 'yeah, so' will be completely apropos.

Israel - apparently you're on your own now. Good luck.

Sotomayor as a possible racist - Rush got it right. You probably can't defeat her but you can ask the questions that paint her and Obama for their real agendas.

Christive vs. Corzine, McDonnell vs. All comers - 2 polls putting Republicans ahead of Democrats in NJ and Virginia. Good news, but it's way to early to celebrate.

Czars - car czar, cyber czar, and now a pay czar. Did I miss any? Weren't the czars a precursor to the Bolshevik Revolution leading to Soviet communism in Russia? Are we headed towards Obama as the Supreme Soviet? Just pondering...

Rush interviewed on Hannnity this week - These conversations should be a 6 hour daily show on Fox.

Air France crash in the Atlantic - Sad. Not to be untimely, but I'd rather ride on a Boeing than an Airbus any day. It's not a buy American thing (although, why not?), it's just a feeling that Boeing seems to have a better safety image - to me at least.

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  1. The last 3 major crashes (is there a minor one?) have been Airbus, Hudson, Brazilian and one other A320 plus this http://www.nationmultimedia.com/2009/06/04/opinion/opinion_30104349.php


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