June 10, 2009

Terry McAuliffe Loses Bid for Virginia Democrat Nomination

In a move Kossacks will be heralding as great news, but will still want his fundraising support, former Clintonista Terry McAuliffe lost his bid to be the Democratic nominee for the Virginia Governorship.

The Winner?

Creigh Deeds, who presents himself as a moderate Democrat. In a state that went Democrat in 2009, let's see how well that goes over in the next gubernatorial race. This presents a bigger opening for Republicans than McAuliffe would have because of McAuliffe's stronger ability to raise cash for the election.

The real winner?

Republican Bob McDonnell who enjoyed his largest theoretical gap versus a Democrat of 15% against Creigh Deeds, as polled by Rasmussen back in April of this year.

The Bonus - the only election Creigh Deeds ever lost, was in 2005 for state Attorney General. His opponent? Bob McDonnell.

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