June 20, 2009

Iran: Horror, yes. Change? Hopefully.

Horror in Iran.

Gateway Pundit has some very graphic and yet moving content on the violence in Tehran. Gateway Pundit has proven an excellent source of details. So has YouTube,

and of course Twitter. The point is, you can't follow this crisis closely through these media, and not be moved to want the protests to succeed. But it's tough to succeed without outside help.

Change? Hopefully. THAT would be 'change we need'. There are protests around the world. There are continued protests in Iran. If they continue to gain momentum perhaps they can affect a regime change.

It's important to realize that the crisis over the election came about as a result of a devastated economy - in turn a result of an over-reaching government domestically in Iran, and of course sanctions imposed by some in the West. This did not come from an Obama speech. This is a natural, homegrown uprising against a corrupt regime. It's a country where 60% of the population was not born when the Ayatollah Khomeini came to power in 1979. It's a country that because of modern technology simply couldn't remain in a Muslim dark ages because they could see the Internet. They can talk to those beyond their own borders.

Too many people are still saying that the US is right to stay as far on the sidelines as possible. That this was a endemic uprising is all the more reason to support the validity of the uprising and to condemn the government for any violence against the people. There's a huge difference between bombing Iran and condemning evil. If this had occurred in Iraq in 1991, as President Bush (41) had urged, things in that country would have gone entirely differently than they ended up going.

These protesters deserve worldwide support. They are in a VERY tough situation - they aren't armed for a rebellion. They are ruled by an autocratic and repressive mullahocracy. They are quite brave to protest. Some strong language is more than desired - it's required.

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