June 20, 2009

Darfur solved? Thanks Obama! Next Iran.

Jim Geraghty at Campaign Spot on National Review Online breaks the story President Obama has yet another notch in his belt of accomplishments. No more genocide in the Sudan. Apparently the administration has started referring to the situation in Sudan as 'the remnants of genocide'. Genocide over, just remnants left. Peachy.

Setting aside the fact that the phrase makes about as much sense as 'a little bit pregnant', clearly the Democrats are continuing with the modus operendi of style over substance. It's been working, so why not continue? The idea is that if you say something often enough it will become the conventional wisdom. Like global warming is a fact. Like Al Gore invented the Internet. Like President Bill Clinton balanced the budget not the Republican Congress in the 1990's.

The problem with that, is that it's just not true. It's deliberate deceit. We've come to expect that from the Democrats. But with the Obama administration, it's pathological. He's taken a page from the Hitler Germany fascist playbook - the page about the Big Lie. The idea is that the bigger the lie, the easier it will be to get people to believe it.

With Obama, it's not an art form, it's an obsessive compulsive disorder. With every new iteration of the unemployment figures in America, the figures that just keep on creeping upward, the administration ups the ante on the Big Lie. The rate of increase of unemployment is declining. Even better: We're saving more and more jobs. Saving jobs? It's a lie that can't be disproven. But it can't be proven either. Normally the onus would be on the White House to prove they saved 150,000 jobs. But with a compliant, drooling media, no one is asking the important questions.

Back to Darfur. Is genocide still happening? Yes.

Special Envoy to Sudan Scott Gration's comments yesterday that Darfur is experiencing only the "remnants of genocide," thus implying the troubled region's worst violence is in the past, have exposed a deep disagreement on the matter within the Obama administration.

Just two days earlier US Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice described the situation as "genocide" and at a press conference in Germany earlier this month President Obama used the phrase "ongoing genocide."

[Emphasis added.]

The point here is to create a narrative that puts another notch on President Obama's belt. If they start saying in A.O. 2009 (Anno Obamani) the Great Caesar Obama solved yet another problem (the Sudan), they are hoping that by 2010 or 2012 it's become the conventional wisdom and keeps Democrat support up.

But there's a problem with or two with that. Firstly, the Big Lie is a flawed premise. Hitler's Big Lie was followed by a big fall. Now for the purpose of re-election, maybe they don't need to worry. The Big Lie is followed by a realization, a re-awakening. Witness the velvet revolution. Witness Tiannamen Square. The truth will eventually win out. But if it doesn't happen before 2012 it doesn't matter.

The bigger problem is how to tell the same tale about Iran. The lack of anything meaningful coming out of the White House on Iran is beyond incompetent. The silence is negligent and anti-Democratic. It's wrong, and it's bad. It gets worse. It turns out the actions being taken are actually anti-democratic.

So how does Obama take credit for solving Iran? He's left himself no room to spin this because he's acting like a little girl on this. Or worse, like Jimmy Carter.

The situation in Iran will far overshadow Sudan. That is reality. And it will be reflected in Obama's popularity ratings. No matter how much you spin, the truth is out there and it will descend upon the collective conscience eventually. The President's ratings are destined to fall, with all apologies to his success in bring peace and harmony to Darfur and the Sudan.

*loud cough*

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