November 6, 2020

Hey Georgia, when you run out of ballots, start counting napkins

...and empty cereal boxes.  Oh, and change your state motto to "Cheat To Win".  I thought Georgia was a state where people gave a crap. Turns out it only takes enough of them to crap on democracy to wipe out a country.  Good for you.

Pennsylvania you're not exempt either.  Bill Burr was 100% as right about Philadelphia.

Michigan, well we didn't really expect anything out of you anyway. You never fail to disappoint until you do it so much it becomes the expectation.

Wisconsin, now that's a real disappointment.  I'm not gonna lie, I had hopes for you.

Arizona makes no sense anymore and Nevada, I hope Las Vegas gets swallowed up by the desert.  Been there once, recently in fact, had a great time.  Guess what - never going back again. Enjoy the Raiders until they move back to Oakland and you are left with a giant empty stadium.

Okay, that felt good.  Back to normal.

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