November 6, 2020

America, this is your Agent Smith moment

 "What good is a phone call if you are unable to speak?"

Inch by inch they are taking away the truth.  Inch by inch they are papering over what they are doing. Quite literally in fact, and of course they are papering over the papering over too.  What they are really papering over is any voice of dissent, even if that voice might actually be in the majority.  It doesn't matter. You have no voice. I have no voice. They are taking it away from us. 

Shut up and take it.

Or... Or... Or push back.  This is no longer about just your life as it is, it's about the future.  They are making the illegitimate look legitimate and blaming you for questioning it. America is the one place left on earth where dissent, real dissent is still possible.  Many places will argue they still have free speech.  I live in Canada for example, and technically we do have free speech.  But really, if you don't agree with the liberal mob-media-government octopus, you'll be shamed. Banned. Banished.

Do you see that in America? Or are you so numbed to it that you are starting not to notice. You still have free speech until you do not use it. Some people can show themselves with a severed head of the president,  a second time, and feel empowered doing so.  You however, cannot question the strange things that appear to be happening and wonder aloud if perhaps there's cheating. You cannot question fraud that is happening right in front of you.

Why?  Because you choose not to stand up to it.  You say you do.  But your vote, especially just your federal vote is no longer enough.  You cannot count on others to fight for your liberty as if this were World War II. Calling a radio station to air your grievances is no longer enough. This is the hill you have to stand on and fight.  There is no next hill.  You've been pushed so far back there is no fallback position anymore.

That's easy for me to say as a Canadian who lives in a country with even more progressivism, socialism and modern liberalism than you have, and not do anything here.  I get the duplicitous  nature of my call to defend the truth and liberty.  It's easy to do from afar. I've blogged about American politics and conservatism since 2008 now.  If I could be there fighting alongside you to ensure electoral integrity, judicial restraint, fiscal conservatism, traditional American values and other things uniquely American I would.  You have a special place in the world you perhaps do not fully appreciate, or maybe take for granted.

Do not waste what you have been given. I believe I would give up an arm or a leg to be an American. Not happily, but I would do it.  That's what your country is worth.  

Or at least it was worth it.  Now I am not so sure.  Because even though nearly 70 million people voted for a rollback on the cesspool (it's worse than a swamp) that the halls of power in America have become, it appears even more voted to turn away from it, to turn away from reason, to turn away from a return to American greatness (led by an admittedly coarse man, but one with good intentions nevertheless). American's sheen has begun to fade. The shining city on a  hill is turning grimy and dark. It's as if Sauron himself had laid claim to Gondor.  The darkness is growing and spreading; but slowly, so that you are not meant to notice.

You can let it, or you can get off your ass and do something about it.  March, protest, become that which you loath because it would seem that the time has come that you can only fight fire with fire.  Match rhetoric with rhetoric, protest with counter-protest, cheating with verifiable and actionable proof of cheating.  There are too many stories of changed votes to ignore.  Check your own.  Validate your county's voter roll and compare it to the number of ballots cast. Or better yet, check on Detroit, Philadelphia and Atlanta. Divide up the work.

And should you lose the battle, do not yield the hill you stand upon. Educate yourself on how to educate your neighbors and then go do it.  Organize them and lead them into political conflict.  It is not glorious.  It is not pretty work. But it needs to be done for a noble purpose, and it is a nobler purpose than your lowered taxes.  It is about the foundational concepts that make America unique and necessary.  If this light goes out, there is not only a nation and future generations who will reflect on you with disgust, it's an entire world where the light of hope gets extinguished. You fail not only yourself or your president, you fail humanity.

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