November 17, 2020

Dearth of real news, dearth of posts

 I have to admit I've been focused on the presidential election since August.  But I have not said much since election night.  A lot of podcasts, many alternative news outlets and and many blogs have pointed out that the election results have not been certified, and there is no president-elect.

Conversely the mainstream media (including former stalwart of reasonableness Fox News) have declared the election over.  They've declared Biden the winner. Incorrectly to this point.  There is no winner officially declared.

But I have said little.  That's because there is not much that matters until these court cases in the swing states get resolved.  I'm sure there was a lot of cheating going on - ballot harvesting, voter coaching, secret tallying in the middle of the night to name a few instances. But I have only re-shared the works of others.  The reason is the outcome of the lawsuits is the next thing that matters. The decisions that come out of those will dictate whether the president has a chance to overturn some of the suspect results.  They will also likely indicate the plausibility of states' results changing.

The courts are what matters. So for now, I'm waiting, because anything I say now, much like CNN, does not matter to the outcome.

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