November 9, 2020

Twitter fails free speech in Canada

Truth does not die in the dark, it's murdered. I'm in Canada and I went on Twitter for the first time in probably two years because it is a cesspool. I noticed the #DefundCBC was trending.  CBC, for my American readers is PBS on steroids - a primarily government funded media network that is larger than the private networks in the country.  It's notoriously pro-Leftist.

So I decided to search the hashtag to see what it was about.  I don't follow Canadian politics closely day-to-day because it's pretty much irrelevant thanks to a century of predominantly liberal governments that have made us that way. In any case, EVERY SINGLE TWEET that showed up from my search was an ad hominem attack from people calling those who would like to defund the CBC  various names.  Imperialists, conservative goons, unenlightened.  You get the picture.

But I didn't.  There was not a single tweet I could find from someone who wanted to defund the CBC or an explanation of what the trending hashtag was all about.

Thanks Twitter. You've failed free speech once again, and I'm confident it was deliberate.

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