November 9, 2020

The era of #MistakeJoe is not yet upon us

If all the votes that have been counted were legitimate, then President Trump increased his vote tally by at least 8 million votes over 2016.  It represents an increase of 12.8% support.  That's probably in part due to a population increase, but also due to an impressive growth of support.

Joe Biden improved over Hillary Clinton by 9.7 million votes, again with the caveats of population growth and legitimate votes being counted, that appears to mean that he is 14.7% more popular now than Hillary Clinton was in November 2016.  Okay, I'll buy that he's more popular than she was, mostly because the media did their best to hide all his flaws. But 14.7% more popular?  His campaign was a masquerade of a campaign so that he could claim a victory.  What did he do to invite such a high level of support besides not be Trump?  Nothing. He lied, he flip-flopped, he insulted voters - TO THEIR FACES.

You can be easily forgiven for thinking that maybe, just maybe, it was cheating that put him over the top.

Even if he loses his legal challenges, and Mistake Joe becomes president, Trump will still end up being the most consequential president as a force for good since Ronald Reagan.  Both men accomplished achievements far beyond their tenure, perhaps Trump even more so, domestically. Sadly, should he lose, I don't believe we'll see Trump run in 2024. He'll be older, and less energized to go through the hell he had to put up with to achieve what he did.  Maybe one of his children can take up the America-first mantle.

This is not to say that president Trump should concede, or that I have given up up. It's in the president's character to fight.  It's what made him a success.  He should continue to do so. because there is a chance this gets resolved in his favor. But if he loses, America, you  have squandered a golden opportunity and those do not come around with every president.

Consider historic lows in unemployment, a lightning speed recovery to COVID-19, tax relief for regular Americans, a COVID-19 vaccine with 90% efficacy (just as president Trump promised), historic peace deals in the Middle East, China being faced down rather than beholden to by a president, immigration being properly addressed, a better judiciary to name a few top achievements. The president appears to have been a blessing from God, and Americans who voted for #MistakeJoe will come to regret their decision. If #MistakeJoe wins, I'd say America you are about to get what you deserve, but I won't because there are many people who won't deserve it and they are probably the ones who will suffer the most.

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