September 11, 2020

Will president Trump win the Nobel Peace Prize? No.

President Trump brokered a peace deal and normalized relations between The United Arab Emirates and Israel.  Were that president Obama he would have won his second Nobel Peace Prize, this time actually having earned it rather than getting it for his 'potential'.  But Trump got crickets.  Or rather he got nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize, but it affected little fanfare in America.  Now president Obama has brokered a peace deal and normalized relations between Bahrain and Israel.

Wow. WOW!    Obama didn't accomplish that, or either president Bush or Bill Clinton.  Impressive, right? Well yes, but he won't be heralded in America because the media cannot laud their mortal enemy weeks before his possible re-election.  

And he won't win the Nobel Prize either, even though this merits it.  And he probably has more of these peace accords between Arab nations and Israel pending too.  But just like the United Nations, the Nobel Foundation has a globalist view.  Their unwarranted peace prize to then president Obama proves it is an agenda driven organization.  So no, president Trump will win the peace prize.  Corruption and agendas will see to it.

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