September 4, 2020

The Trump recovery, 2.0

Labor participation rate is up.  Long term unemployed (U6) has dropped.  And the unemployment rate recovery has been incredible.  Compare the Trump recovery to the Obama 'recovery' by just looking at this Bureau of Labor Statistics chart below:

The Trump recovery has been astounding.  The Obama recovery took 6 years to level off at 5%.  President Trump took that recovery further - to historic lows for unemployment in fact.  But look at his second recovery. A far worse unemployment impact due to COVID-19, but the rate of recovery has been practically supersonic. 

Clearly the president has threaded the needle on the recovery and public safety.  He's done it about as close to perfectly as could have been imagined.  He did it once, he's doing it again now.  How can Americans NOT vote for this guy?

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