September 22, 2020

What Trump did and Democrats won't - decoupling

Democrats, step back for a moment.  Look at what has happened in the last 12 years. Most recently, President Trump has worked to stop endless wars. He's stopped ignoring minorities, stopped foregoing rust belt states as locked Democrat voters, he stopped ignoring the working class in favor of a globalist agenda under the guise of free trade. He's decoupled the GOP from having a blind eye on illegal immigration. In effect, he has decoupled the Republican party from it's recent historical agenda in a return to root conservative principles.  He's decoupled the Republican party from it's establishment agenda and tied it to a populist agenda that favors the middle class and the working class.  It's been genius despite all of the resistance from everyone both within the GOP establishment and from without (the Democrats, the media, educational institutions, the beaurocracy in Washington, etc.).  It will be brilliant if he manages to win re-election.

Brilliant because Democrats will not have learned from his example.  The old staid policy platforms of both parties were part of the reason for the logjam that had become Washington D.C. It's not that the positions were unimportant - some were, some were not - but rather that a healthy re-examination of them was not being done on either side.

It certainly was not done on the Democrat side in the eight years of president Obama.  Democrats doubled down on identity politics. Democrats pushed the accelerator on the things they thought got president Obama elected. You believed your own hyperbole not just on Obama but on your policy positions.  You got it wrong.

Now, if president Trump wins re-election, you Democrats will either have to do the same, or face the fact that it is common sense, not demographics, that informs destiny. But you either won't or can't decouple from tax the rich philosophy, so the rich move and Democrat states lose revenue, and eventually, power. You seem oddly unwilling to decouple from globalism, so voters move away from Democrats towards the party that seems to care about the working class and middle American jobs. You are tied to group politics and perhaps cannot decouple from the theory that you build your base on identity politics, as your tight grip on these groups continues to decay.  If the Democrats do not similarly decouple from your recent history as Republicans led by president Trump have done, you won't win. 

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