September 14, 2020

Conform or be cast out - NFL edition

I have to confess, I've lost a lot of respect for the NFL and their efforts at wokeness.  They have done so much to turn off their fans, including me, that this could be the inflection point for the league - either realize the damage you are doing to your reputation and stop it, or go full force woke, and learn to live with a fraction of your former audience ( and the commensurate decline in TV revenue, merchandise sales etc.).  I was not planning on supporting the NFL this season.  But despite that my curiosity got to me. Brady and Gronkowski going to New England?  Other high profile players switching teams?  The Raiders in Las Vegas? Nope, nope and nope.  The sad state of the game was my driving curiosity.

I wanted to see the Washington Redskins' Football Team's new helmets.  No logo, just the players' numbers on the side of the helmet.  Just like Canada's popular "No Name" (generic) brand of grocery products, the homogeneity of the Washington Football team inspires blandness.  It inspires conformity.  To a generation bent on being true to themselves and their unique identity by getting the same sort of tattoos, body piercings, fad clothing and haircuts as everyone else, conformity should be anathema.

But in a twisted perversion of identity, sameness is celebrated by a society too dumb to realize they have been duped.   All people of 'all genders' are the same.  Men and women are the same, conform to the notion that Black Lives Matter is purity or else be cast out.  The NFL is not immune to any of this, and indeed seems to have embraced it.  The Washington Football Team's no logo is the epitome of that notion.  Dolphins are endangered,  let's change their logo to the Miami Football Club, so as not to be confused with the Washington Football Team. Ridiculous.

But it extends beyond the team formerly known as the Redskins.  Stadiums were mostly completely empty because of COVID. I wanted to see the teams pump in crowd noise.  It was sad.  The players kneeling for the anthem or the playing of both the national anthem and “Lift Ev’ry Voice And Sing,” commonly known as the Black national anthem.  They seem to think that is a smart, and inclusive move when it is at its core segregationist.  A separate national anthem?  How does that bring people together?  Answer - it doesn't, it does the opposite.  It places people in different camps.

Let's not forget the COVID fear inspired no training camps.  A lot of the stuff I saw on the field looked like many of the players were just not ready enough.  It looked like preseason in many places.

I still love football. What I don't love is where the NFL is at right now, and I won't be watching  any games in week 2.  Sure, I'll ready the scores, maybe watch a few highlights.  But sports, formerly the last refuge from political correctness and enforced conformity has lost it's luster for me.  Liberals have managed to destroy yet another thing they have touched.  The NFL may have just experienced their own #MeToo moment after being mauled by liberal ideology.

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