September 15, 2020

Drudge is off the rails and why it matters

 For years the Drudge Report was the place for news minus the mainstream media skew.  Conservatives held it in high esteem.  For the last year I have not been using the Drudge Report at all because it has gone off the rails.  It's just like the New York Times now.  It's useless, anti-Trump, orange man bad, kool-aid drinking Trump-derangement syndrome crazy.

It's not just me seeing this.

If you are a conservative and have been relying on Drudge without realizing the change that has happened, please stop using it as a source.

The problem with being a conservative and having so few news sources and pundits on our side (relatively speaking) is that progressive know this.  They can attempt to destroy our voices like they tried with James O'Keefe and Project Veritas (and many others) or they can  subvert or convert the voices on our side like with Fox News or Matt Drudge.  Either way it is a big blow to our voice, our side.  Each voice silenced is a big blow to our message, unlike CNN faltering on the left there are hundreds of other voices that can step into the void.  What hinders liberals is that they step in and keep making the same mistakes so liberal messaging is hemorrhaging across the board.  That's what is keeping our side afloat, not our own strength of voice.

I hate to say it but what the right needs is a little less competition and a little more cooperation.  We see that happening but not enough.  Conservative voices are still seedlings and not mighty oaks.  Outside of Fox News, Matt Drudge and Rush Limbaugh there are a few next tier voices that matter but with Fox and Drudge titling leftward now, only Rush Limbaugh remains as a steadfast top tier reliably conservative voice.  As much as I love Rush and have been listening since 1989 or 1990, we cannot have him remain our lone voice, even as strong as his voice is.

We must become a network of supporting members, as fraught with peril in the long run as that becomes.  We do not want to become the same problem the liberal media can become.  While we are capable avoiding that, and must be mindful of it, we do need to create an environment where conservative voices can flourish.  It's a strategic imperative for the right. 

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