September 5, 2020

Saturday Learning Series - Dropping the philosophy due to wokeness

Crash Course has several series of videos of various topics.  I've been sharing the crash course series on philosophy over the past few months for my Saturday Learning Series.  It's pretty good as an introductory exercise.  I was willing to overlook some of the minor things I'd had issue with like it's treatment of the arguments for God was a little weak compared to the arguments against the existence of God.  But if that were to damage my faith I'd be a pretty fragile Christian.  So I kept going with the series.

That is until I saw a link to a a PBS Voices video, which I will share below.  Either Crash Course has gotten 'woke', or always has been, or is simply naive.  I'm not in favor of racism, but this video says that American heritage is a history of rape, bondage, slaughter and hate.  No more Crash Course videos. If you have been watching the series on my blog, and you want to continue watching, you can find Crash Course on YouTube.  I'm done supporting those who support the notion that everything America is, is bad.  

In that vein, I am also stopping shopping at Target as a result of seeing this video) which should be easy for me because they wasted something like $5 billion in Canada (where I live) before closing all of their Canadian stores in abject failure.  They couldn't even compete with Walmart on price anyway - at least not here. As for PBS, I gave up on them years ago.  I can find my history, science and programs of that ilk elsewhere.

In case you are wondering what video they linked to in their community tab that ruined the channel for me I've included it below:

Next week Saturday Learning Series will return with a continuation of the Geography topic.

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