September 7, 2020

Stemming the final push of the woke

Wokeness and China-ness are killing the NBA. Politics over product produces a paucity of people.

Via Tim Pool (more below the video).

If athletes, some of the most successful people in America thanks to their skill, believe that America keeps people of color oppressed, so be it.  It's blindness, but everyone is entitled to their own opinions. If they want that to be the stamp on their sport so be it too.  But don't expect everyone to fall in line with it.  The Harris poll shows that to be true.  

America is a damn successful country and it enables success for everyone, albeit quite imperfectly (there's definitely room for improvement).   Because it is so successful, people need an escape,  a respite from the day to day grind of putting food on the table.  When they want that escape, they don't want to be preached to about being uncaring scumbags who support cruelty and inequity.  That's not who they are, they don't deserve that and they don't want to watch someone telling them to be woke.  They want to see a three point shot or an amazing dunk.

Yet the growing omnipresence of the social justice agenda and messaging is slowly tearing away the fabric of America, the world's only true exercise in people first. Progressives clearly want to take that away, or are unaware how badly they are damaging it.  And the omnipresence is real.  It was news media, education, the entertainment industry and the government (everything from the FBI to the IRS).  That was destructive enough. It's now moved beyond that to the remaining refuge of sports and video games. Even knitting for God's sake. It's even infiltrating religion.  It's a weed that needs to be eradicated.

I'm not talking about anything nefarious.  I'm talking about really waking up to what is happening and pushing back.  Voting for conservative principles.  Eschewing companies that support radical agendas.  Going to PTA meetings to have some control over what your children are learning and not learning.  If you are so inclined, go to your church regularly and speak up about what it should be doing - volunteerism not advocacy.  And boycott sports that boycott their own business in favor of wokeness.  Start your own community organizations aimed at positive change towards American values.  Just voting for president Trump is not enough.  It's stemmed the bleeding but not solved the problem.

There's a war going on and you are losing the battle for the soul of your country and many of you are not even paying attention to it.  The one good thing about this massive progressive push is that has been a red alert for a lot of people.  The slow crawl to wards socialism was working because people would just grumble about these minor incremental changes but accept them.  With Obama there came this "fierce urgency of now" that led so many on the woke, progressive Left to believe they were so close to the finish line, that Trump was just a one time aberration that requires a massive ramp-up of the push towards socialism.  A final push of wokeness, they believe is all that is need to quash resistance to their collectivist socialism.  

But it's finally alerted many people to the danger they pose to America, to liberty, to individuality, to creativity, to entertainment, to religion, to life and to individualism.  They may have harmed their own cause irreparably. That remains to be seen. Everyone needs to play a part in the future of the country.  That starts at home, in your own community and goes all the way up to every vote you ever cast locally, statewide and federally.  Look at who you are voting for.  Understand what values they stand behind and their positions on issues.  Democrats vote in a block and cannot be trusted to vote what they claim.  But many Republicans are establishment types who espouse, if only secretly, the same positions as the Democrats.  Know who they all really are, and act and vote accordingly.  It is incumbent upon you, not just now, always.  Because this is not the final push of the woke, even if they believe it is.

With personal freedom comes personal responsibility, and that includes your RESPONSIBILITY to vote, and vote with understanding and knowledge.

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