February 22, 2017

Apocalypse Not

Today on his show Rush Limbaugh started off talking about how people are getting weary (not distraught or worried) of the left daily onslaught of apocalyptic doom on display from the left as things pertain to the Trump presidency.  It's a good thing if it's correct and it dovetails well with my latest post about conservatives ignoring it, not scoreboard watching, and allowing ourselves to focus on the long game of changing the ingrained progressive system that needs to be upended.

Rush went on to talk about how their Apocalyptic screaming about the end of the world because Trump is starting to fall on deaf ears.  They're doing this to themselves.  They are alienating people to the point that Democrats are asking their supporters to stop talking about impeachment. But clearly many have not read the memo.  It's not going to happen.  The Democrats no longer control the beast they have created.  The beast of progressive malcontents is beyond the agenda of Democrats and finally at the point of having it's own socialist agenda. The Democrats agenda is rooted not in socialism but in power - socialism strongly enables that outcome, and it's the only reason they act like socialists; it's a vehicle to authoritarianism.

President Trump is not ushering in an Apocalypse unless your goal is a socialist America.  When the Apocalypse as the left sees it, fails to materialize the Democrats will crater as a party.  They have empowered the ultra-progressive wing of their party and the moderates have fled to the Republican party. They can win back some of those supporters but only at the risk of losing the progressive wing of the party and a large voting block of their current core support.  Their only hope is continued massive immigration and identity politics - African Americans, Hispanics, women and unions.  If president Trump can truly engage African Americans to the point where Republicans can one day garner 30%, 40%, 50% of that community in the future, it really is game over for Democrats.  Post Trump, and even during a Trump presidency, there's no reason Republicans cannot engage Hispanics and get them onboard with a conservative agenda.

That's the real apocalypse.  Some Democrats have seen that already; it's an Apocalypse Not for the country, but a real apocalypse for the Democratic party.  I'm hoping those who get it, get drown out by the hysteria.

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