February 28, 2017

Democrats Terminated?

Yesterday I was writing about how three stories showed how the liberal media was empowering president Trump to further victories, the day before, Brandon J. Weichert had a piece that took the view that the Democrats are facing permanent doom one step further;
Truth is, notwithstanding the “days of rage” the Left has been living out since Trump’s election, it’s been clear that the Democratic Party’s leadership grasped it could not maintain its high dudgeon for another two years (especially not with 25 Democrat-controlled Senate seats up for grabs in the 2018 midterms). After nearly four months of protests, public vitriol, and personal attacks directed against Republicans, the Democratic leadership has chosen a run-of-the-mill Democrat to lead them.

Perez is no moderate. He is a conventional liberal. So, while it is unlikely that one will get a Scoop Jackson-type of Democrat to moderate the influences of the manic Leftist base, one can expect a more programmatic, less populist version of Leftism on display. The Democrats are shaping up to nominate a Joe Biden-type in 2020 (possibly with Elizabeth Warren as the running mate, in order to satisfy the base).

But, barring some catastrophic event in the Trump presidency, this tactic will not work. Elements of the Left recognize that populism has taken hold in the country. However, they cannot bring themselves to understand that the explosion of populism is far more likely to benefit the Right than the Left.
He's not wrong and as a conservative, I'd say it's definitely a feel-good read. He argues that the Democrats in large have not understood the populism shift (in a larger view, the need to fix a system that has stopped working properly). He argues that they are left without labor (whom Trump has co-opted) and by selecting an insider they've cast aside their new core of socialists and are left with nothing. He may be right as far as 2018 and 2020 are concerned. To whom do Democrats have appeal left? Racial groups? Women? That didn't work in 2016.

But it's too easy to suggest that Democrats are done forever, especially because of a DNC leadership selection. While the new leader matters directionally, and it indicates that Democrats are sticking with the insider party elite, it doesn't follow, ipso facto to permanent minority status for Democrats. Five years ago people were saying that about Republicans but like Terminators, we knew that wasn't going to be the case. Insider elites can raise a lot of money. And while it didn't work for Hillary Clinton, that doesn't mean it can't ever work again. Money is still power, but it requires a voice that resonates. Someday Democrats will have that again. I hope it takes decades. In fact a successful Trump presidency means it could take many decades just like the FDR new deal is still the paradigm that governs government. I like what Brandon J. Weichert has to say. I just am skeptical. A decade in the wilderness will do that to you.

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