February 14, 2017

Flynn Flam

This is small potatoes - treat it as such.
Last night Mike Flynn resigned as president Trump's security advisor because allegedly he was speaking with the Russian ambassador prior to Donald Trump becoming president but after his electoral win.  Your immediate reaction might be "yeah, so what?".  That's a fair assessment and one president Trump probably started with until someone in his cabinet probably felt that having Flynn resign would diffuse the situation wherein the media and Democrats were going after him for an illegal conversation.

Let's get a few things straight.

-There is no evidence that anything illegal transpired. But there's blood in the water now and the media and the Democrats will double down on going after Trump now. Having Flynn resign is a mistake right on the heels of circling around on the Immigration executive order to try again.  A sign of weakness is not something to give liberals.  A sign of disarray is not a sign to give supporters.  President Trump will make mistakes early on because there are a lot of outsiders facing a hostile media/opposition/bureaucracy.  The important thing now is to get things into alignment quickly. 

-president Obama once asked Medvedev to convey to Putin (then not even the nominal leader of Russia) that he, Obama, would have more room to maneuver after the 2012 election.  When Democrats collude with Russia it's okay.  When Republicans do, it's treasonous.  Alinsky double standards are on display and the media and Democrats should be disregarded. Entirely.  Where Trump needs to double down is on the Tweeting and bypassing the media, and meanwhile pushing his agenda forward ever harder.

-president Obama nominated Governor Richardson who had to withdraw his nomination for  Commerce Secretary due to a kickback scandal.  Memories are short and early disarray is not confined to president Trump.  Timothy Geithner had is own scandal but they bullied his way through the nomination anyway. It's worth remembering those scandals when discussing early Trump cabinet falters.

-Take a breath.  This too shall pass and for all of their bluster, Democrats will not profit from this if Trump delivers on his promises and retains his focus on jobs, trade and immigration. It's a proven winning formula and will win even bigger in 2020 if he shows results on those things.  In the end, that's all that matters, and these early missteps will be long forgotten, just like Bill Richardson.

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