February 14, 2017

Gut reaction to Flynn isn't our best option

Senator Lindsey Graham and others in Congress have argued that there should be investigations into the reasons behind Mike Flynn's resignation as national security advisor.  What did he do and what did the president know are the howlings from Democrats, but Republicans too?  Your gut reaction might be "let's primary these tools who go after our own side unlike they would go after Democrats."

That's not a bad gut reaction.  Senators like Graham (or John Cornyn or John McCain) are not true conservatives and arguably not even Republicans.  They should be replaced with more conservative representatives.  But consider this.

It's not going to be a big deal in the long run. CNN is hyping it up but it really is small potatoes. In time this will be a non-story.  And these Senators actually can serve a purpose in the short term.  If Republicans hold the hearings they control the outcome and Flynn will ultimately be exonerated. The same is true for Trump. Sure Democrats will say the investigation was rigged.  So what?  They rig things all the time and we know it. It's time Republicans fight Democrats using the same rules they fight by rather than with white gloves and one armed tied behind their back.

A better gut reaction?  Go after Democrats who are asking Nixonian questions with the fervor that they are going after Trump.  Bully them back. Take them down. Remove their ability to cry dishonesty/beholden officials/whatever, by finding the skeletons in their closets.  Don't blackmail them though - out them and then demand they resign.  Push back. Hard. If we don't do that during this presidency then there may not be any other chance to do so and to get things done.

"That's the Chicago way."  Former president Obama was from Chicago.  That's what Republicans are up against.  That's what Trump is up against.  He knows it, some Republicans don't. They had better learn quickly, and Trump supporters too - it's best to save your ammunition for the real political adversary enemy.

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