February 15, 2017

Democrats: the party of No.

Own it Democrats. You've stood as a solid (but failing) blue line against every president Trump nominee, often with nothing other than Trump as the reason. The motivation is as crystal clear as the line in the sand itself.  Consequences-be-damned Democrats will rue this approach when the time comes, be that 2018, 2020 or 2024.  They've set a precedent that blanket opposition is acceptable.  When the time comes, it will be returned in kind and they will only have themselves to blame. What comes around goes around.
...nearly all of Trump’s nominees are running into a brick wall with the party of the donkey.

And for what reason? Trump is not appointing a band of brigands with criminal records or friends and donors with no experience in their respective fields. What was the opposition to Mnuchin? The man spent a lifetime working in the financial sector and dealing with the economy. One might suspect that this is a rap sheet which would be desirable at Treasury. The other nominees follow a similar pattern. No, the Democrats are only opposing these nominees because the perspective they bring to the job is in line with the winner of the presidential election. While there has been some sporadic resistance by Republicans to a few Democratic nominees in the past, we’ve never seen anything like this.

Now liberals might say the GOP was previously the party of 'no'.  Maybe to an extent there's a little bit of truth to that, but not to the extent it was portrayed in the media and not nearly to the extent Democrats are doing now out of pure petulance.

Note to Senate Republicans, if you don't have a spine yet, grow one (fast).  This ain't little league ball as much as you might want to pretend it still is. We need senators with spine, now especially.

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