February 27, 2017

Oscar flub was political

Before I start on this, in case you didn't see it, here's some coverage of what happened.

Obviously it was a flub, right?  Well, probably.  But it also could have been a perverse political statement about equal rights (a film about an African American won after last year's blow up about the Academy Awards being too white), and more importantly, the idea that it's okay to have a do-over.  You make your mistake, you fix it, and you move on.  Like they want to do for president Trump.  It's no secret that 97% of Hollywood detests president Trump.  So could it have been a political statement? Yes.  And even if it wasn't, wait for some 'genius' in Hollywood to come up with the notion that everyone deserves a do-over, even America. And maybe in a way, Hollywood was also asking African Americans if they can have a do over for being too white.

On the other hand, many people watching it are going to think, "if Hollywood can't even get their own 12th pat on the back award show of the season correct, why would we care about anything that they have to say"?

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