February 14, 2017

A final thought on the Flynn fallout

This isn't directly related to Mike Flynn's resignation, but here's an interesting observation.  The Trump administration opened up the White House press briefings to Skype media who did not have credentials and the White House briefing room was too confined to add additional credentials.  

That was brilliant.  Here's why.

Firstly, credentialled elitist media could not argue against it lest they be perceived as well, elitist.  In the ripples of a Trump win and their own blown predictions, that would not be good.  They had to applaud a more open and inclusive communication environment, what choice did they have?

But that's not the genius of it.

I was listening to Rush Limbaugh just now and he was live broadcasting the latest press conference by Trump's Press Secretary Sean Spicer.  After a couple of questions, Spicer went to a Skype inquiry from Las Vegas.  The question asked was about jobs and Las Vegas.  What an easy way they have given themselves to control the flow of the press conferences.  It's brilliant.  Spicer can then steer the conversation if and when he decides to do so and to do so on talking points he wants to cover.


Just saw this in Politico, in an article about media versus media on Trump:
...AP reporter Julie Pace "asked me if the administration had told me beforehand not to ask about Mike Flynn, which they didn't. She was clearly agitated that I hadn't asked the question she wanted answered,” said Daily Caller White House correspondent Kaitlan Collins. “That idea is laughable to me. I found out [quite literally] a minute before the press conference that I would get a question.”
They're apoplectic. Wonderful.

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