December 28, 2015

No year in review, no Top 10, no predictions this year

Normally I like to end the year with a review of the highlights of the year and/or some frivolous predictions about the coming year.  Not this year.  The predictions are usually wildly wrong because predicting specific events is very different from normally trying to have a macro perspective on things. Additionally, I expect 2016 to be especially unpredictable.

As for the year in review, while there was a lot of interesting stuff that happened, no particular person or event has been exciting enough to make me want to generate a Top 10 list this year.  Maybe that's a little lazy, but hey, I'm on vacation this week.


  1. I passed on the predictions this year as well. I used to like doing a little analysis thrown in with some humor and finger poking.
    But, with Obama in the White House, it's just not funny any more. His penchant to goof off and play golf and party and vacation while the nation sits in ruin and turmoil, and the rest of the world heads for hell in a handbasket, is hardly a joking matter.

    1. Kinda the same reason I just wasn't feeling it this year.


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