December 2, 2015

Against Trump as the GOP nominee? Chillax.

The latest challenger rising to challenge Donald Trump for the GOP presidential candidate polling lead appears to be Marco Rubio.  Remember last month when it was Ben Carson? Good times, good times. Or how about Carley Fiorina had her surge?  But if you are worried about Trump carrying the day, or rather election cycle, I have some words of wisdom for you. Well, one word:


If you're too old to know it, that's an amalgam of Chill (out) and Relax. It became almost popular during the 2000's.

Here's the reason I say that.  There has not been a single primary or caucus yet.  After they begin to occur, candidates with poor performance will drop out of the race and the field will quickly narrow from about 15 down to about 5.  Then 3, and then 2.  As that occurs support will coalesce around the remaining candidates and you'll see some real surges occur and probably stick.

That does not mean Trump can't win.  But it does mean that if you are in the anyone-but-Trump camp, there's no reason to panic - you've got a real shot at this.

Just please, don't throw your support behind Jeb Bush.  He might have made the best Bush president, but that's not a very high bar.

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