December 17, 2015

Thursday Hillary Bash - Horns of a dilemna

This really happened. If Hillary has to point this out, clearly there's a problem (emphasis added).
Mason City, Iowa (CNN) Hillary Clinton had a message for a supporter's father who is backing Donald Trump: 'I don't have horns."

Clinton had just wrapped up her town hall in Mason City when Kayla Helmers, a 22-year old volunteer who lives in Mason City, approached the former secretary of state on the rope line and asked her to tape a message for her father, Shawn Starry, who has decided to caucus for Donald Trump.

After shaking her head, closing her eyes and asking for her father's name, Clinton relented.

"Hi Shawn, I am here with your daughter," Clinton said like she was leaving a voicemail. "I hope you can see I don't have horns. And I really do hope that as this election goes on you will listen to your daughter. Thanks. Bye."
But in typical liberal smarter-than-thou smugness the wife and daughter state that the father makes claims that he cannot back up. Zero counter-point from the father included in the report. Fair and balanced?

Back to Hillary. She has never spoken of conservatives kindly. From her vast right wing conspiracy to calling them her political enemies (what would Gabby Giffords say?) she has a history of not being nice. So why believe her now. She may not have horns, but she doesn't need them when she always has her knives out.

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  1. Few editing points. My name is Shawn Starry. Kayla is my daughter. Her mother and I never married because she didn't want to get married. I learned of this the following day. Here's my message to Hillary: We all saw your horns. I'm glad you didn't steal this election. But your days of theft, murder and political assassination are over. Hope you have a FANTASTIC DAY!


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