December 15, 2015

A simple way to fight domestic terror

The latest news about an Egyptian man arrested for receiving $9000 from ISIS and claiming that he was just trying to scam ISIS out of money is a teachable moment to paraphrase the abstainer-in-chief.

Why not have the NSA or Homeland Security set up a bunch of fake domestic terrorists who have grand ideas and require cash from ISIS to carry out their attacks.  If it works, they get money from ISIS, and possible ways to trace terror donations.  In addition they take away funding from possible other radicalized domestic threats.  In the end, if ISIS finds it is sending money with no return time and again, they'll get wise and stop sending money.

If Chechen girls can trick ISIS, then why not the NSA?

Just a thought.  And who knows, maybe they are already doing that.  But if they are, maybe they should think about ramping it up.

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