December 20, 2015

Fast and loose with the facts at the Democrat debate

I tried to do the hard work for you and watch the Democrats' debate the other night.  (Un)fortunately, no one else in my household had any desire to see it.  So I recorded it and have not watched it yet.  But clearly the facts were not invited.
WASHINGTON (AP) — In the latest Democratic presidential debate, oversimplification struck again...

CLINTON on rising premiums and out-of-pocket costs for the privately insured after enactment of Obama's health care law: "I would certainly build on the successes of the Affordable Care Act and work to fix some of the glitches."

THE FACTS: Obama's law was mainly about expanding coverage for the uninsured, and even former officials of his administration say major work still has to be done on cost control. In other words, rising costs are more than "glitches."

CLINTON: "Assad has killed 250,000 Syrians."

THE FACTS: Clinton appears to be blaming the entire estimated death toll of the Syrian civil war on just one side: the forces of Syrian President Bashar Assad. Yet no matter how vicious his forces have been, deaths have come at the hands of all sides in the nearly 5-year-old multi-front civil war.
Given that this came from the AP, I'm sure it was kind to Clinton and Sanders alike. Once I've reviewed the tape, I'm sure there will be more to share.

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  1. Hillary stuck her hoof in her mouth several times. Don't look for any of her supporters to be fazed by it.


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