December 3, 2015

Thursday Hillary Bash - Of concussions, Benghazi and a slap

Two recent articles in National Review bring up some of the recent releases of  Hillary's (unsecured) emails.  In one, there's clearly a concern that her concussion caused her some subsequent bouts of confusion.
New Hillary Clinton e-mails released by the State Department on Monday show that the secretary of state was often confused about and unfamiliar with State Department activity in the wake of a serious concussion, relying on her staff to explain department policy and even help her remember her own actions.

Clinton suffered a severe fall in early December 2012, which gave her a concussion and put her in the hospital for several weeks, postponing her planned congressional testimony on her response to the Benghazi attacks. She returned to work on January 7, 2013, when State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said she was “fully recovered.” But an e-mail released by Judicial Watch earlier this week showed top aide Huma Abedin admitting on January 26 that Clinton was “often confused.”
Yet another, shows her staff was worried about how she and the White House positioned Benghazi;
The latest trove of Hillary Clinton e-mails released by the State Department show concern among her staff over how she and the White House characterized the September 11, 2012, terrorist attacks in Benghazi, with a top aide coaching the secretary of state on how to explain earlier statements that the attack was caused by a YouTube video.
Just two more reasons to heed this advice.

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