December 14, 2015

Welcome to 2008, Blogger.

Google has finally allowed Blogger to join 2008 by creating a "featured post" widget.  You may have noticed that I've added one to the right hand side of my blog.  Unfortunately, it still allows only one as far as I can tell and as such remains bounds behind WordPress.  At least it's still not leaps and bounds, just bounds.

As far as welcome to 2008 goes, I keep reading that blogging has gone the way of the dodo, having been surpassed by micro-blogging, tweeting, Instagram, Vine and such.  So I'm outdated blogging here.  But it's hard to fit the principles of Supply and Demand, or Unintended Consequences for example, into a Vine video.  So as far as reaching millennials goes, I guess for conservative bloggers like me, it's a lost cause.

But for the rest of you, I've succumbed to the Google beast and added the featured post widget, and will continue blogging along for the foreseeable future, whatever that future might bring.

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