June 21, 2015

Sunday Links

Happy Father's Day.  And for all the tree huggers out there, happy Summer Solstice.  I'm kidding.  Happy Summer everyone.

Since it's Sunday and I'm otherwise occupied, here are some good posts about the web,  covering topics that I'd like to comment on but don't have time to do right now.  I would like to say that my prayers are with the families of those lost in the church attack in South Carolina. The loss of faithful Christians in a positive community is indeed terrible, as is any unnecessary loss.  But this is simply sad.

  • Apparently, according to a bunch of left wing hype,  we're currently causing a mass extinction (forget global warming, this is big).  Jazz Shaw says "Not so fast"
  • Via RWN, the religion of peace strikes again. 
  • Fellow LCR poster Proof, continues his Exotic Animals of the 2016 campaign series with the Martin O'Mallard edition
  • Via Gateway Pundit, Hillary Clinton supported Confederate Flag Day in Arkansas - after she opposed it.  I think that's a little more controversial than Marco Rubio's fishing boat.
  • Greece's self-induced collapse for which they demand someone else pay the bill, is due.  Via Legal Insurrection
  • More Hillary Clinton: Let's collect all of those guns, mmm'kay?
  • The Pope Francis bubble.
  • Dems veer (further) left.  Because that makes perfect sense.  Bernie Sanders anybody?
That's enough for now. Enjoy the rest of your Father's Day.

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