June 27, 2015

Government misdirection card trick

The more parts of the economy and society the government controls, the more venues it has to push its own agenda, whatever that might be:
(Daily Caller) Americans trust their doctors, so the White House wants these medical professionals to be a mouthpiece for President Obama’s global warming agenda.

“We also need doctors, nurses and citizens, like all of you”President Obama said in a taped speech presented to medical professionals gathered at the White House, “to get to work to raise awareness and organize folks for real change.”

The Obama administration has been hard at work trying to draw a link between global warming and public health issues. The summit included the U.S. Surgeon General, top administration officials, and public health experts from around the country telling doctors, nurses and other conference goers how to talk about global warming with their patients.

The central message: doctors should warn their patients that global warming could make their health worse.
I assure you, that agenda will be about holding onto power, keeping you dependent and maintaining that agenda at all costs.  Why?  Because they want to retain control of both the power they have to decide their fate, your fate and my fate, and also they want to retain control of the money - making yours and mine theirs. Property protection is part of human nature - ironically even for socialists, who view the power to decide as their property and within their exclusive purview.  They'll use the agenda to blind you to that fact, keeping you busy arguing about global warming or worrying about it.  It doesn't matter.

It's a classic "look over here" card trick they are playing on the public. By the looks of it, they are getting away with it.  The solution is simple - do not willingly hand over control of anything to the government.  Unlike businesses, they are the rule makers.  If the one making the rules is playing the game as well, it's a certainty that they are going to win, making the rest of us, losers.

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