June 4, 2015

Thursday Hillary Bash - Desperation

With headlines like these via Daily Mail, it's sounding like Hillary Clinton's getting desperate for primary votes already:
Hillary Clinton plays to raucous but HALF-EMPTY arena at black university as she claims opponents want to 'disempower and disenfranchise people of color'
-Democratic front-runner wants universal, automatic voter registration for every 18-year-old instead of the 'opt-in' system the US has today
-Texas Southern University basketball arena was divided by a giant blue curtain, leaving three-quarters of the seats unavailable
-Hillary demands felons have their voting rights restored after they serve their sentences
-Slams the Supreme Court for 2013 decision that let southern states change their own election laws after 40 years of federal supervision
So we have fear-mongering, automatic youth voting registration, empty seats and more fear-mongering.  Sounds like desperation to me.  


  1. "Hillary demands felons have their voting rights restored after serving their sentences"
    Seeing who she's married to, I can understand that!

  2. Good point Proof. Every vote she can get counts, legal or otherwise. I'm sure she's willing to overlook a lot to collect votes, even her husband's issues - it's one more Hillary vote she can count on getting.


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