June 26, 2015

Thoughts on gay marriage

What do I think of gay marriage? Tricky question.

Well, I'm not gay, although I do have a few gay friends.  I do not condone their choices.  And while I do not agree with their choices, I do not condemn them either.  If I did they would not be friends after all. But I do not believe it is my place to condemn them.

From a biblical standpoint there are a few differing thoughts.  First and foremost is the idea of love the sinner, hate the sin.  Beyond that, there's Old Testament vs. New Testament views.  Soddom and Gomorrah vs. those in glass houses should not cast stones.  I choose not to cast stones because I am far from perfect myself.  People are engaging in consensual activities, which are not harming others and they are adults.  We have free will and they have made their individual choices.  I say respect that, even if you disagree with their choices. If you believe that God has an issue with their choices, let him deal with them.  I believe in God and I would not presume to speak for Him.

Which brings me to my next perspective - a societal one.  Should homosexual people be allowed to marry? I suppose in some states there is enough support that it is reasonable to legislate it to be legal.  I'm fine with it as a state-level local decision.  If two people want to marry, whom I do not know, what business is it of mine? The answer is none.  Chances are, I'll never see them.

But there are limits to that.

I do not want my church, or any church or temple or mosque, to be forced to conduct marriage ceremonies outside of their belief system.  There are plenty of churches that will perform the ceremony, go to one of them.  That's a Bill of Rights issue as much as forcing people to buy healthcare is. But it can happen.  The more you federalize everything, the more likely it is that it will happen.

If some states are not comfortable with it, do not force them to legalize it.  Homosexuals are not rooted to a location. People can move to or from states with which they agree or disagree.  It happens all the time.  Most states already allow gay marriage.

I do not want a liberal legislature to enforce a curriculum on children (it can and will happen);
...The Liberals’ only official response has been to launch a $1.8 million summer ad campaign that pro-family groups say deceptively whitewashes the controversial aspects of the curriculum, which introduces homosexuality in Grade 3, masturbation in Grade 6, oral and anal sex in Grade 7, and teaches that there are six genders rather than two sexes.
If I am expected to keep my nose out of homosexuals' affairs (pardon the pun) then they should respect my decision to keep their affairs out of my children's classrooms just as my church's decision to not perform gay wedding ceremonies.  

Most homosexual people (that I know at least) have a sense of decorum and an understanding of the idea that coming out of the closet does not mean invading everyone else's closets.  They are not inclined to push their lifestyle onto others or into our faces, to say it more clearly.  But it is always the brazen few who will push for the sake of pushing that end up being the cause-celeb and get their way by pushing the envelop too far.

So, do I condone gay marriage? No.  But do I think it should be legal?  In some places, sure. But not everywhere.  In the end, it's really not my business if people want to marry, and to be honest I think its misguided to consider it one of the most pressing issues facing America today.  It doesn't belong in the Top 10 even. Even the recent Supreme Court ruling has wider ramifications than the gay marriage issue of its ruling.

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