June 11, 2015

Thursday Hillary Bash - Sink the Bismark

According to the Weekly Standard, Hillary Clinton is in danger of not winning the presidency in 2016.
When a CNN poll last week showed Hillary Clinton leading Rand Paul by a single percentage point (48-47) and only three points ahead of Marco Rubio (49-46) and Scott Walker (49-46), it was mildly shocking. In April, her lead over the three Republican presidential candidates had been in double digits: Paul (58-39), Rubio (55-41), and Walker (59-37).

That Clinton’s candidacy is in trouble is indisputable. She’s not threatened with losing the Democratic nomination—at least not yet. She has the well-financed Clinton machine and a national network of supporters on which she can rely. The campaigns of her Democratic opponents are small and weak in comparison.

But the rationale for her bid for the presidency, the strategy of her campaign, and the tactics she’s adopted—all have failed to stop her steady decline. The expectation of Clinton’s glide into the White House in 2016 is gone....

That’s the least of her worries at the moment. Her bigger problem is trust. The CNN poll asked if Clinton is “honest and trustworthy,” and 57 percent said no. A Washington Post-ABC News poll asked the same question, and 52 percent said no.
So here's my question as far as GOP strategy goes. Is now the time to fire salvos at Clinton in a hope to sink the Bismark so to speak? Or is that bad timing for move?

Clinton is entirely beatable, and could absolutely implode versus a solid Republican opponent. But we said that about Obama, as well as Bill Clinton. The latter might help her a few points because of his charisma with many voters. She has little of her own. Torpedoing Hillary now, might get other Democrats to run against her. That could divert her spending and perhaps even derail her air of inevitability. Conversely, the cost of doing so might prove prohibitive and also end up wasted if she's not the eventual nominee. GOP involvement at this stage could interrupt Democrat in-fighting and cause Democrats to rally around her. Then again, attacking her probably energizes the Republican base.

There's no simple answer to this. My gut feeling is that it's too early to go above and beyond anything happening now. That's because I believe she is not inevitable. But that's just a hunch.

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