June 26, 2015

Friday Musical Interlude - Gold Dust Woman, live

Fleetwood Mac's Gold Dust Woman should have been a single.  In fact every song from Rumours should have been, along with the haunting Silver Springs which was the B-side of Go Your Own Way, and belonged on that album,possibly as it's best song.  In any case, here are a couple of live versions performed by Stevie Nicks.  One as a guest performer with bob Welsh who had left Fleetwood Mac to pursue a solo career before Stevie Nicks joined.  The second is of Stevie performing the song with Fleetwood Mac. The first is rare because of Stevie's mini-skirt. Not her trademark. The second is mystical, and trademark Fleetwood Mac in Japan in 1977.


  1. Fleetwood Mac is almost everyone’s favorite at the self storage. The guys from the mobile pods went to Mac’s concert recently and they said that it was an awesome concert. The crowd was very responsive, too! My wife wants us to catch it the next time, even if we have to travel for a bit. A long drive won’t hurt, definitely.

    1. Thanks for sharing Michael.

      I've been to see Fleetwood Mac in concert only once - during the Tango in the Night tour. They played for nearly 3 hours. They played like they meant every word in every song, they didn't phone it in. I also saw Stevie Nicks in the 80's, the performance level was exactly the same. They're older now but from the sound of it, the concerts are still as powerful.

      Good luck with catching them, it's worth it.


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