June 10, 2015

UPDATED - Historical Auction

So, I got contacted to do some free advertising for an Auction House on my blog.  I get stuff like that all of the time, and I usually ignore it because implicit in the request is the notion that my blog has little monetary value - zero to be exact.  Now I know that might be the case, but it's kind of insulting to have it put to you that way.  Nevertheless, this particular request intrigued me because of the nature of the auction, so I'm actually going to share it.  The auction consists of some impressive historical items.

The item depicted here, and here, for example, requires a starting bid of $30,000. It's described in part as follows:
Historic autograph letter signed (“A. Lincoln”), 2 pages on two sheets of blue-lined paper (7.75 x 9.75 in.; 197 x 248 mm.), [Washington, D.C., ca. 2 May 1864], “To the Honorable the House of Representatives,” being a transcript penned in Lincoln’s hand of his 2 November 1863 letter to “Hon. Montgomery Blair”. First page slightly toned with some ink smudges; both pages have two filing holes in the upper left margins with minor adhesive residue stains at the lower verso.
Other items include a rare signed document from Sir Isaac Newton, and a Francis Scott Key printing. Check it out for yourself. I haven't got a lot of information on the auction house (Invaluable), but I personally am keenly interested in the auction given the item list. The auction is scheduled for June 13th. If anyone has any additional details to share, please feel free to add info in the commentary. And if you end up buying something, let me know - it'd be cool if someone who reads my blog ends up with an item from the auction.

UPDATE: Here's the link to the auction site.

Also, I wanted to point out that this request to promote their auction did not offend me, as I may have given the impression in the first paragraph.  Unlike prior emails of this nature, the request was polite, and informative as well as being related to my content.  My ire was directed at the barrage in general, as well as other emails that did not share the tone of this request.

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