November 19, 2014

Thinking of switching my pick for the Bills game

With Buffalo having been hit by the worst snowstorm EVER in North America, it's hard not to feel bad for the city.  They are in a snow belt, that being on the north side of the lake in Toronto, they are hit with a lot of snow that we never see.

Then again, the Wilson family sold the Buffalo Bills to a local investor.  Toronto needs an NFL team and Goodell is not in any rush to see that happen, so when the Bills went up for sale, terrible team and all, I have to admit, I got a little excited for the Toronto bid.  But it didn't happen.

So I'm torn on Buffalo.  But when it comes to picking winners in their NFL games I'm usually stumped.  They win when I don't pick them and vice versa.  This time, I may have Buffalo figured out, thanks to the terrible storm.

The Buffalo Bills couldn't go to work Wednesday. Stuck at their homes because of a monster snowstorm, the players got cozy with their iPads, studying the game plan and game tape of the New York Jets. There was no practice.

Meanwhile, it was a typical day at One Jets Drive. The Jets attended classroom sessions with their coaches, practiced outdoors, lifted weights, dined in their really cool cafeteria and watched tape before heading home.

Thursday could be a repeat, with Western New York bracing for another storm.

Advantage for the Jets? Absolutely.
It's probably famous last words but, Go Jets.

NOTE:  I heard on local Buffalo radio today that Governor Cuomo had said some insulting things towards Western New Yorkers in connection to the snow storm.  I missed the main part of the details so I'm trying to find it online.  A Cuomo scandal right now would be fun.  And, as a final aside - why don't the have DVRs for radio?

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