November 29, 2014

I've given in on global warming

For the longest time I've tried to enlighten people about global warming.  I've tried to get people to think about the issue rather than just accept that what is claimed to be the conventional wisdom only got that way by people telling other people that the debate is over, that the only people who claim the debate is over are those who are afraid of the debate.

But I have finally realized that I'm on the wrong side of the argument.  There's so much benefit to just succumbing to the dominant, view. Beta was better than VHS but VHS won that battle.  The right way isn't always the way that wins.  And now I get that.  Life is much easier when you are on the side of the multitude.

More importantly, now I have a built in excuse for everything, and I like that.  Late for work?  Global warming.  Behind on my taxes?  Global warming.  I shot the sheriff? Global warming.  I need a grant to figure out how to fix it.  See how easy that is?  It's the life of the irresponsible.  It's the easy path.  How simple is that?

I've never done things the easy way before unless it comes to housework.  The easy way is frankly, a lot easier.  Then again  - maybe it isn't time to start now.

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