November 13, 2014

Catch a comet by the tail

The ESA has successfully landed a satellite on a comet. That's truly amazing and inspiring. The question I have, is what the hell is NASA up to these days? Has America also ceded leadership in  space exploration?

I get the idea of privatizing space flight. It's a good move. But where that will matter is in commercial applications, not in exploration. The risk is too high and the payoff too low to justify this sort of exploratory activity by say SpaceX.

NASA cancelled the Space Shuttle program with little else to take it's place. But can we really blame NASA? It was a cost cutting move in an Obama era where defense spending is also getting drastically cut all in the name of funding social programs. If it's not a social program Obama doesn't care, and neither have the Democrats. 

John Kennedy would be turning over in his grave.

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