November 5, 2014

Election Recap - Congress summary

In the 2014 midterms all eyes were on the senate because it was kind of a big deal.  Meanhile, no one expected control of Congress to change.  It didn't unless you consider the GOP winning a bigger majority a change in control.  But really it's a change in the dynamic of Republican control and if you are a supporter of the GOP, it's a big change in the dynamic.

The GOP easily won the 218 seats required and was on track to match or surpass the 246 seats they held in President Harry S. Truman's administration more than 60 years ago. President Barack Obama will face an all-GOP Congress in his final two years as Republicans regained control of the Senate...

Democrats had a few bright spots, but their hopes of keeping losses to a minimum disappeared under the GOP onslaught...

Overall, the GOP gained 14 seats and counting; Democrats, just one.
As the AP story points out, both Obama and malaise, now arguably the same entity were both on the ballot.  Make no mistake, though media pundits on the left will try to spin this as an anti-incumbency mood in the country, as with the Senate, this was Obama`s policies on the ballot.

President Obama himself made that clear in a radio interview prior to the election.  The man who likes to make everything about himself, cannot now deny that the GOP wave was about him.
Obama suffered an ignominious distinction. The president, whose party lost 63 seats in 2010, saw Democrats lose 12 seats and became the two-term president with the most midterm defeats, edging past Truman's 74 by one.
If the president hasn`t learned a lesson from that after 2010, he`s not likely to learn from it now. In fact the meeting he`s called with bi-partisan leadership today could just as well be a scolding as it could be a conciliatory discussion.

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