November 13, 2014

re: Gruber on Obamacare. Deception is just how liberals work

Jonathan Gruber, one of the main architects of Obamacare, has created a firestorm in the media because a number of videos have come out where he has repeatedly made the point that the law was written in a deliberately arcane way so as to be able to decieve the Congressional Budget Office and the American people into allowing the bill to pass into law relatively uncontested. It was a deception pure and simple.

Surely this revelation is not a surprise to those of us on the right but as Noah Rothman points out on Hot Air, the media reaction, also not a surprise, shows just how important these revelations have been to the left. They're panicking and trying to avoid it, ore else circling the wagons around Gruber and Obamacare.

But their reaction is surely in part due to the echo chamber nature of the liberal news world. No one's talking about it so it's not news. That is by no means an excuse for their inaction on the story, it's just a fact that is part of the story on the lieberal mainstream media.

There is not much new under the sun with Gruber's revelations. The law was always flawed, but we now know it was done deliberately. Big deal. With all of the backroom dealing and arm twisting and parliamentary chicanery surrounding the law it was tainted from the beginning. Further evidence is not required for many Americans.

What this does is provide ammunition for those trying to convince the unconvincable that this law has always been full of lies. Except that they aren't likely to care. If you don't want to face the truth, you can't be made or persuaded to do so.

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