November 5, 2014

Election Recap - Governorships summary

If you needed evidence that the Republican victories were a wave, you need look no further than the governorship races.  Going into the 2014 midterm elections the GOP had a sizable lead in the number of state governors they had (29-21 advantage over the Democrats).  In solidly blue states, enemy territory for Republicans, they made advances.  Illinois, Massachusetts and Maryland the GOP picked up governorships.  Mike Beebe picked up a win in Arkansas, another gain for the GOP in what has become a red state.

Meanwhile, permanently embattled Republican Scott Walker won Wisconsin once again - his third win in four years.  In Florida, Charlie Crist, who will probably next try to run as a representative of the Weed Party, lost to incumbent Republican Rick Scott. Democrat Tom Corbett did win Pennsylvania back for the Democrats but while that is a disappointment, it's not a big surprise.

This morning out of 32 decided races, the GOP have won an impressive 24.  That's a 75% winning percentage.  There are 4 races still undecided and even if none go the Republicans' way, that's still enough to leave them with 31 governorships, a gain of two.  The GOP will control at least 60% of state governorships.

Of the outstanding races, Vermont and Connecticut will likely go to the Democrats, but in Colorado there is still hope the GOP can defeat Governor Hickenlooper.  

All in all a good, but not fantastic night for the GOP.

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