March 18, 2014

Invalid mockery: The 1980s called?

Remember that time, during the 2012 presidential election debates, between Romney and Obama, when Obama mocked Romney for saying that Russia was America's biggest geopolitical foe?  Yeah, so do I.  Guess who turned out to be right?  

It's not that the Crimean crisis alone proves the point, but  it certainly reinforces the notion that Russia hasn't really changed all that much when it comes to its leadership and its approach to world affairs.

So yes, the 1980s called.  But they can't have their foreign policy back just yet.  We still need it.

It's not really helpful imagine how different things would be if Mitt Romney were president right now but it sure is easy to imagine that Putin would not be quite so bold as he is with a president who has more flexibility since he won re-election.

Remember the time when Obama was telling Medvedev...never mind?

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