March 13, 2014

Chris Matthews comes clean on Democrat tactics

Scare tactics that is.  Matt Drudge linked to this clip featured on The Corner at National Review with the focus on the fact that progressive liberal stalwart Chris "thrill up my leg" Matthews has conceded the Senate to Republicans.   But that's burying the headline.

First of all, while it may be a bit of red meat for conservatives to see Matthews stewing over the midterm elections, there's an element on next-day defeatism to it that I'm sure will pass for Matthews.  By October he will be unashamedly running full tilt for Democrats and the defeatism will be gone for him (hopefully to return the day after the elections).

More importantly, in the clip below, Matthews comes clean about the tried and true tactics Democrats love to employ in getting out the vote.  Namely, playing the fear card by slandering their opposition. The confessional starts at about 1 minute into the clip.


I don't think Matthews was intending to betray progressives with this. It almost seems as if he was discussing the modus operendi as the thoughts occurred to him.  Besides, liberals already knew this, conservatives already knew this.  It's not as if it's a startling revelation, a new idea, or that having it exposed is a game changer.  It's not any of those things.  It's business as usual for Democrats.  It is however, nice to hear an admission that this is actually the way they think:  get voters on your side by scaring them about the boogeyman.

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