March 11, 2014

Note to Florida conservatives: Go Vote today

Fox News is reporting that so far turnout in this special Congressional election is very low.  That means your vote matters even more than it normally would.  Go vote.  And tell your Republican friends to do the same. This is going to be touted as a referendum on Obamacare, particularly if Sink, the Democrat, wins.

While many pundits are saying that this special election won't be indicative of the November midterms, Politico has another take:
After almost $9 million in outside spending, a storm of attacks and counterattacks and endless speculation about its implications for the midterms, voters will cast their ballots in the Florida special congressional election on Tuesday.

The stakes are particularly high for Democrats. The party has bet big on Alex Sink, Florida’s former chief financial officer and the Democrats’ 2010 gubernatorial nominee, in the race for the swing 13th Congressional District, which encompasses part of the St. Petersburg area. A win, Democrats hope, will deflate the conventional wisdom that 2014 is destined to go south for them.

For the GOP, the race has been an opportunity to test-drive attacks on Obamacare, which are certain to be the centerpiece of its argument in this year’s midterm elections. And while national Republicans complain that their candidate, former Washington lobbyist David Jolly, has been lackluster, public polling suggests the race is tight.

The two candidates are vying to replace GOP Rep. Bill Young, who died in October after representing the seat for more than four decades.
Go vote today.

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