March 7, 2014

Pay It Forward Friday - Homeless Lottery Winner

I'm starting a new Friday feature here on Nonsensible Shoes,  Pay It Forward Friday.  Sharing good news and positive stories is always a good thing.  Hopefully there will be enough good news out there to keep this feature going indefinitely.  This feature will supplement the Friday Musical Interlude rather than replace it.  

Our first one is something quite new, from Youtube user MagicofRahat. Here's something that will make you feel good about humanity, no matter what your political stripe.  A prankster who does something for a homeless man, set up like a prank, but not really a prank, just a good deed done in a moving way.

Very moving.  Let MagicofRahat know on Youtube, you appreciate this video, and pay attention to where you can make donations as well.

Please spread the word too.

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